UpFlow – The Foundation Story

Posted on: December 13th, 2019

What started as a technical brewing challenge and a borderline offensive social experiment in my hometown of Melbourne Australia during 2018 has gathered pace through the past 18 months by absorbing and amplifying the interest and energy of some incomparable collaborators. Now, on the eve of our commercial launch in London in January 2020, our mission is clear – to empower mental presence and to maximise quality of life by having fun and improving health and productivity. I hope that these principles, which are strong within me, can allow people to connect better as individuals, across cultures and around the world.

As a leading technical specialist, my engineering company Spark has designed and built 38 craft breweries and distilleries in the past 5 years. That process has given me the opportunity to meet a wide range of perspectives in the UK, USA and Australia. On our way so far, we’ve mashed 65 development batches, designed and built some fairly avante garde production equipment, dumped multiple commercial scale brews (not because they were bad, just that they weren’t exactly what we wanted) and after some hard yards with blood, sweat and beers, we’ve made some progress on our path towards the best flavoured, most interesting beer possible. This feels like chasing the end of a rainbow, a quixotic windmill tilt, where as soon as our technical ability and sensory experience take us one step ahead, the flavour spectrum available to us widens and our understanding of what beer can be in future expands out in front of us.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us on this journey of self discovery, one delicious UpFlow at a time. Do please keep in touch to help us improve – let us know your thoughts, preferences and ideas. I’m fascinated to hear how people bring our beer into their lives and it means a lot to us when people cut a moment in time to engage person to person over an UpFlow – go ahead – don’t look back!

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